Custody Bank Services

Custody bank services

DocSolutionUSA tracks the release document timelines to be within state specific requirements after the payoff of the mortgage. In fact, DocSolutionUSA received a 100% compliance vendor management report card from all servicers we work with.

DocSolutionUSA is offering custodian services in a 10,000 feet secured warehouse to store collateral files in fireproof safes. The warehouse is collocated with DocSolutionUSA headquarters and offers 24/7 surveillance of the entire building. There is enough space to accommodate up to 50,000 loan files. We can host the files for bank portfolios but not the trusts (as we would need to be a trust with the bank to host them as trustee.) For capital market transactions we can serve as interim custodian.

Currently, DocSolutionUSA holds loan files, auto loans, personal loans, and contracts for deed. Coupled together with high-speed scanners on site, the process is seamless to board the file into the custodian location but also have the digital image available online. Trailing documents are also available to be scanned upon reception and added to the same loan file. The shipping center for collateral is located on site. If required by the client, we offer an employee of the company to be located in the office with the custodian warehouse.

The building is fenced and geographically located in the Houston area. If the loan is paid off, the release may be filed on behalf of the bank or investor and the collateral will be shipped. The custodian report is typically generated monthly.