Full Collateral File Reviews

Full Collateral File Reviews

DocSolutionUSA is experienced in running full reviews for real estate loan files, auto loans and personal (unsecured) loans by utilizing One Diligence’s software platform. DocSolutionUSA is currently a vendor for large servicers on Claim 22 assignment to HUD for reverse mortgages, running servicing, collateral and compliance package reviews both for on-boarding, servicing transfers and over 80% MCA files. One Diligence’s software platform allows for automation of indexing, bookmarking, data extraction and automated QC to run on custom rules created for each workflow individually.

Review of Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Security Deeds, Assignment Chains, Title Policies, Notes, Allonges, Land Contracts and Deeds

DocSolutionUSA’s seasoned title examiners specialize in the review of deeds of trusts, mortgages, security deeds, assignment chains, title policies, notes and allonges to identify impediments such as unenforceable security instruments, incomplete or incorrect chain of assignments and/or allonge/endorsements, errors in title policies, land contracts and deeds.

Collateral Management

DocSolutionUSA serves as a non-traditional custodian in its secure facility located in Pasadena, Texas. Services include:

  • Scanning the file and making images available on the DocSolution web portal and, if requested, on the client sftp
  • Exception reporting
  • Document inventory
  • Client-specific document naming conventions
  • Curative title services
  • Lien and assignment release services

Document Preparation and Recording

Documents are produced via API, excel or csv file, website data entry, or DocSolutionUSA can prepare and deliver. Documents are available on our web portal or sftp folder within seconds of submission on our website. DocSolution can coordinate execution of the subordination agreement with the subordinating party – either in person, by mail, or remote online notarization. DocSolutionUSA has MERS certified signors on site daily at its Pasadena, Texas location to ensure documents are executed within 24 hours of creation. DocSolutionUSA will immediately submit for recording via e-recording, mail or in person at the county clerk’s office. Commonly prepared documents include:

  • Subordination Agreements
  • Modification Agreements
  • Forbearance Agreements
  • Partial Claim Promissory Notes and Security Instruments
  • Deeds
  • Tolling Agreements