Frequently Asked Questions

What is DocSolutionUSA all about?

DocSolutionUSA is a nationwide document preparation and recording firm, offering its services to the mortgage and capital markets industries for over 25 years. We offer a full spectrum of mortgage related services focusing on preparing and recording assignments, releases, subordination agreements, modifications and tracking for both SFR and reverse mortgage space. Our expertise and comprehensive product portfolio allow clients to remain compliant with industry standards, statutory timelines, provide timely and reliable customer service to meet the demands of its customers, and increase their profitability.

What are the turn times for the services you offer?

From our convenient online portal, clients can access our services 24/7, quickly and securely. Our experienced consultants are also available via email or telephone to help clients with processes, questions, and issues. Our comprehensive service team is ready and willing to provide any assistance that our clients may need.

Our typical turn time for full document preparation for small trades or one-off cases is less than 48 hours.  Larger trades will take slightly longer, depending on the number of cases referred and the documentation provided to support the document preparation.

What are "exception files" and how does your company handle them?

"Exception files" are those needing assignments or some type of title curative to perfect the chain of assignments or release of lien. Our company’s expertise in handling exception files and resolving issues related to assignments and title curative is valuable to clients. Exception files typically refer to those cases where additional actions are required to perfect the release of a lien or resolve any outstanding title issues. Our team of experts specialize in resolving these issues efficiently.

What services does DocSolutionUSA offer in the mortgage industry?

DocSolutionUSA is a document preparation and recording firm providing services for most of the top 10 servicers in the marketDocSolutionUSA’s services include:

  • Assignment preparation, tracking and recording
  • Release preparation, tracking and recording
  • Chain review, curative and corrective assignment preparation, tracking and recording
  • Custodian, Interim Deal Custodian, Collateral Storage Services (non-GNMA Certified)
  • Assignment audit pre-recording
  • Chain of title audit for enforceability
  • Release audit pre-recording
  • Commercial release and partial release services
  • Title policy, endorsement, allonge and note reviews
  • Endorsement request automation and title claim automation

Our goal is to create a long-term, profitable relationship with all our clients by providing the highest quality service and an expert level of support that meets their individual business needs. We are confident that our team of experts and our innovative solutions can help our clients achieve their desired goals and objectives.

What are the costs for your services?

Our fees are highly competitive when compared with other vendors in the industry. For some services, we offer a self-service, lowest-cost option to prepare nationwide assignments and releases in seconds through our web portal. The product is designed to further reduce the cost of document production for lenders, servicers and funds using low-cost data entry resources. Generally, fees vary from $5.50 - $85.00 – depending on the type of service needed.

Can you customize your services to meet specific needs?

Absolutely. We understand that every customer is unique, so we always strive to customize our services to meet their specific needs.

How many county clerk databases does DocSolutionUSA subscribe to?

While we can't disclose the exact number, we do subscribe to many leading and proprietary county recording databases to ensure up-to-date and comprehensive information.

How does DocSolutionUSA handle liens that require title curative to perfect the release of lien?

We have a team of experts specialized in resolving such issues. They work diligently to ensure these "exception files" are perfectly handled.

How easily can clients reach DocSolutionUSA?

Clients can reach us easily via email at or call us directly at 713-941-4928. Our customer service team is always available to assist.

How does DocSolutionUSA maintain its competitive edge in the industry?

We stay competitive by offering high-quality services, high tech solutions, competitive fees, customization, and exceptional customer service.