Our Specialists

Formerly known as DocSolution, Inc., the document preparation and recording firm was founded by Charles Brown in 1983. ProTitleUSA acquired the company, now known as DocSolutionUSA, in late 2021. The business continues to operate out of Pasadena, TX.

DocSolutionUSA specializes in a wide range of services such as:

  • Document Preparation and Recording (with software automation for self-document preparation and QC)
  • Business Rule Engine and Workflow for HUD Assignments
  • Title Curative and Claims
  • Full Collateral File Review
  • Title Policy Endorsement
  • Replacement Title Policy Procurement
  • Data Extraction Products

Alex Goldovsky, President

Alex Goldovsky

Alex Goldovsky is the founder and CEO of ProTitleUSA, a published author, and educator. As CEO of ProTitleUSA, Alex created a cutting-edge, technology leading company in the nationwide residential and commercial title search, analysis and due diligence market, which was selected as one of the fastest growing private companies by INC5000 for six consecutive years. Alex is a mastermind behind a number of leading products in the title research industry. He is also a highly sought after speaker on real estate investment and title specific seminars, radio shows and work groups. Alex has a master’s degree and holds nine US patents.

Lori A. Lowe, Managing Director and COO

Lori Love

Ms. Lowe is currently the Managing Director and COO of DocSolutionUSA. Her responsibilities include management of all day-to-day business operations. Ms. Lowe has been involved in various aspects of the mortgage industry since 1983. She began her career at Lomas & Nettleton in the customer service department in Houston, Texas. Following her introduction to a broad range of mortgage-related customer service responsibilities, Ms. Lowe moved to specialization in the mortgage foreclosure department of Gulf Coast Investment Corporation in 1984. By 1986 Ms. Lowe joined the fast-paced law firm of Brown & Shapiro which represented clients with diverse needs in the mortgage servicing industry. Ms Lowe is part of DocSolution’s founding team and has been with the firm and its predecessors since 1995.

George Ter-Saakov, Chief Information Officer

George Ter-Saakov

George created multiple successful startups for both retail and wholesale channels. George was involved in AI games, 3D printing products, production line maintenance, merchant service software and interfaces. George is characterized as a modern era genius in all aspects of IT and applications. George has a master’s in mathematics from MSU.

Regina Monts, Manager of Capital Market Clients

Regina Monts

Regina Monts is the manager of capital market clients at DocSolutionUSA. She has been with the company or its predecessor since 1999. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Regina effectively oversees the lien release, assignment and curative document preparation departments.

Olimpia Burton, Program Manager

Olimpia Burton

Olimpia is the Program Manager at DocSolutionUSA. Olimpia has 15+ years of experience in Mortgage Industry (Forward and Reverse), Banking, Quality Assurance and Finance. Olimpia has an MBA from University of Phoenix, Houston TX, and is also a Certified Project Manager by the Project Management Institute.

Haleigh DeVille, Project Manager and Collateral Management Team Lead

Haleigh DeVille

Haleigh has 5+ years in Mortgage Servicing and Marketing, she is overseeing the Collateral Management department, and manages various projects within the organization. Haleigh is also responsible for the Marketing Campaigns intended to generate interest for our products and services.

Ruby Guerra, Office Manager

Ruby Guerra

Ruby has 15+ years of Mortgage Servicing (Forward and Reverse) and Mortgage Originations. Ruby is overseeing the office in Pasadena, Texas and she is also managing the processes related HUD Claims, recording, tracking and monitoring of documents, to ensure compliance with state, federal and local regulations.

Kathryn Fallon: Paralegal, Team Lead -Title Specialist

Haleigh DeVille

Kathryn Fallon joined the DocSolutionUSA team in 2017. Being a member of this team sparked her interest in legal studies, she went on to pursue a degree at University of Houston becoming a Paralegal. The current position she holds within the company is Title Specialist- Team Lead. With 7 years of experience in the real estate/title policy field she has developed a strong skill set and a proven track record of success.

Lisa King, Team Lead

Lisa has 30+ years of Mortgage Servicing, with strong skillset in Title, Foreclosure processes, Document Recordings and other mortgage areas, ensuring that all aspects of state, federal and local regulations are met.

Esmeralda Bustos, Team Lead- HUD Document Preparation

Haleigh DeVille

Esmeralda has 6+ years of Mortgage Servicing, with expertise in Document Preparation and Document Recordings, ensuring that all aspects of state, federal and local regulations are met.