Title Curative Services

Curative Services

DocSolutionUSA provides title curative services, including preparation and coordination of execution of correction documents. Where correction documents cannot be recorded without court order, DocSolutionUSA has partnered with a network of qualified attorneys that obtain court orders reforming documents. DocSolutionUSA offers a variety of curative services to help clients overcome issues with recorded or unrecorded documents.

Curative or Corrective Assignments

DocSolutionUSA can cure assignment chain gaps using state of the art instant document merge technology, creating a push-button operation for generating a missing assignment in the chain. Combined with O&E reports or AVR reports from ProTitleUSA, corrective or gap assignments can be generated instantly based on the chain of assignment reviews.

Subordination Agreements

DocSolutionUSA can prepare subordination agreements instantly for cases of curing incorrectly filed security instruments or subordination of the prior mortgage to the newly originated mortgage.

Letter of Explanation (LoE)

In many cases, the client requires an explanation on an individual defect or title issue for a buyer or seller of the asset, foreclosure attorney or HUD (Housing and Urban Development) for Claim22 assignment of the reverse mortgage. DocSolutionUSA’s experienced staff produces LoE documents for over 1,000 defects flagged during file reviews.

Title Policy Endorsements

DocSolutionUSA automates title policy endorsements to all underwriters and title agents in their database after the title policy review. There is tracking and reporting available for clients on monitoring the activity and responses of the underwriters.

Title Policy Replacements

DocSolutionUSA can coordinate the title policy replacement for assets that do not have a title policy in the collateral file or if the underwriter is out of business.

Prior Lien Releases

DocSolutionUSA together with ProTitleUSA have a curative department that can coordinate the release of prior liens to clear the title from prior mortgage defects.

Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Curative

There are many defects that could be associated with manufactured and mobile home defects related to affixture affidavits or certificates of ownership, retirement of title at the DMV, proof of account being current for the mobile home, VIN verification, as well as the inclusion in tax card, assessment card or legal description.

Refiling or Re-recording Real Estate Documents

In many cases, defects discovered during the review of the collateral file or recorded documents will require a complete refiling of the document in the county records. As an example, refiling the documents in the correct county or refiling the documents with the legal description added.

Lost Note Affidavits

DocSolutionUSA can prepare a Lost Note Affidavit for a missing note in the collateral file.

Collateral Review for Defects

DocSolutionUSA is an expert in reviewing:

  • Notes
  • Mortgages
  • Riders
  • Appraisals
  • Loan Applications
  • Assignment Chain
  • Income Documents
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Trust Documents
  • Deeds
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Title Policies
  • CDs & LEs
  • HUD-1 Settlement Statements
  • Non-Borrowing Spouse Documents
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Flood Certificate
  • Home Insurance
  • Servicer Statements