Assignment verification reports

Assignment verification reports

Assignment Verification Report (AVR) is offered by DocSolutionUSA to verify that the chain of assignments for the subject mortgage does not have any breaks or defects which would require corrective or curative actions.

In conjunction with assignment or release preparation, the AVR report is generated from ProTitleUSA with an option to OCR the data with 100% accuracy and compare to the data on the template before generating the document. The process of comparing data on the recorded documents from the AVR report to the data used to generate the assignment or release documents is called Doc-to-Data Validation. The step is performed as a part of the AVR delivery workflow.

AVR reports are also used for generating the release of security instruments to make sure that the party releasing the document is accurate per the assignment chain.

DocSolutionUSA offers a nationwide fee for AVRs, state specific fees and/or per county individual fees, using ProTitleUSA’s platform.

AVR reporting from ProTitleUSA is connected to DocSolutionUSA over API interface for the most efficient file delivery.