Mortgage Loan Modification

Mortgage Loan Modification

DocSolutionUSA offers an instant modification document generator, API modification generator, or hybrid SaaS document generator with data entry and QC by client through the site. Document generation is completed within seconds of submission. DocSolutionUSA created an easy master tape format to either upload through csv file or push through API connection with loan modification data needed to prepare the loan modification, including all custom verbiage of terms, mod principal payments, interest rates, and start dates for the modification table.

DocSolutionUSA currently allows up to five modification term rows in the term change table. The modification documents can be branded to the client’s name with a logo and customized for each client separately. If DocSolutionUSA has access to servicer loan data, DocSolutionUSA can pull all required data fields from the servicer to create a modification together with terms and signers.

DocSolutionUSA developed a portal for hybrid modification generation where clients can enter some data by hand and pull through API the rest of the loan level data for document processing.

As part of the modification flow, DocSolutionUSA offers escrow and closing services through their network of mobile notaries, and Modification Title Insurance (MMP) through their partner network of title agents/companies.

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